OAS FCU eVoting

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Election results for the Board of Directors

  • Show member: Ian Edwards<br>770 votes<br><b>Elected Candidate</b>

    Ian Edwards
    770 votes
    Elected Candidate

  • Show member: Jeff Hertrick<br>559 votes

    Jeff Hertrick
    559 votes

  • Show member: KC Soares<br>790 votes<br><b>Elected Candidate</b>

    KC Soares
    790 votes
    Elected Candidate

  • Show member: Lynn Swenson<br>793 votes<br><b>Elected Candidate</b>

    Lynn Swenson
    793 votes
    Elected Candidate

Election results for the Credit Committee

  • Show member: Jennifer Molina-Vrolijk<br>483 votes<br>.

    Jennifer Molina-Vrolijk
    483 votes

  • Show member: Juan Sebastian Ordonez<br>565 votes<br><b>Elected Candidate</b>

    Juan Sebastian Ordonez
    565 votes
    Elected Candidate

  • Show member: Francisco Rodriguez<br>395 votos

    Francisco Rodriguez
    395 votos

  • Show member: Desiree Valera<br>685 votes<br><b>Elected Candidate</b>

    Desiree Valera
    685 votes
    Elected Candidate

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Annual Report

60 years ago, a group of forward-thinking OAS employees envisioned a more accessible and inclusive way to serve the financial needs of all and manage their money. Guided by the very same mission of serving the global financial needs of our members, we are proud to be 60 years strong and to be your financial partner for life.
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