– Fiorella Medina

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“The official experience I attained while managing the finances for various projects of the Department of Legal Cooperation will allow me to contribute to the goal of maximizing effectively the quality of the services that the Credit Union offers its membership.”

  • Fiorella is a graduate in international relations from the University of Virginia. Her studies focused on the political and economic relations in Latin America.
  • She has a master’s in security studies with a concentration on technology and security from the University of Georgetown. Her studies focused on the intersection of cybercrime and transnational crimes –especially on the use of cyber intelligence by criminal organizations.
  • Fiorella currently serves as Projects Officer at the Cybercrime Program of the OAS in the Department of Legal Cooperation. In this role she has worked on the training project for member states of the OAS on this topic, alongside the organization’s strategic partners, such as the US Department of Justice, the Department of State and the European Council. This project seeks to train public prosecutors and judges in the region to provide knowledge to those branches of the legal system on topics such as electronic evidence, cryptocurrency, ransomware and other tools used to commit cybercrimes.


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