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Election results for the Board of Directors

  • Show member: Ezequiel Galatro <br>Elected Candidate

    Ezequiel Galatro
    Elected Candidate

    1,351 votes
  • Show member: Jeff Hertrick*

    Jeff Hertrick*

    628 votes
  • Show member: Hermenegildo Matsinhe

    Hermenegildo Matsinhe

    464 votes
  • Show member: Yadira Pinilla<br>Elected Candidate

    Yadira Pinilla
    Elected Candidate

    747 votes
  • Show member: Rocio Suarez<br>Elected Candidate

    Rocio Suarez
    Elected Candidate

    754 votes

Election results for the Credit Committee

  • Show member: Joel Andrews

    Joel Andrews

    598 Votes
  • Show member: Jennifer Molina-Vrolijk<br>Elected Candidate

    Jennifer Molina-Vrolijk
    Elected Candidate

    1,043 votes
  • Show member: Sergio Pino*<br>Elected Candidate

    Sergio Pino*
    Elected Candidate

    1,015 Votos

* Incumbent

60th Annual Report

In 1962, a group of forward-thinking OAS (previously known as Pan-American Union) employees envisioned a more accessible and inclusive way to serve the financial needs of all and manage their money. With a few hundred dollars and a couple of dozen accounts, they formed a Credit Union committed solely to the financial success of its members.
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