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Ensuring accessibility and inclusion

For several years now, OAS FCU has been using eVoting, an electronic system that allows members to elect the official volunteers for the Board of Directors and the Credit Committee.

We have made the switch from paper to electronic voting so as to stay true to our philosophy. We realized that by serving a membership that lives all over the globe, we had to find a way to reach those who could not come to vote in person on the day of the Annual Meeting. That’s why we were one of the first credit unions in the United States to offer eVoting.

Nominating Committee 

This year, the Board of Directors has named the following individuals to the Nominating Committee:

Chair: Teresa Bustamante
Member: Adam Siegel
Member: Karla Bañuelos
Member: María Elena Cruz
Member: Gaby Hernandez

Nomination by Petition 

If you want to submit your own candidacy or know of someone that you believe should be a candidate, you must submit the following documents to the Secretary of the Board, Ian Edwards no later than March 14, 2023:

  1. A written statement of qualifications and biographical data of the candidate, and a recent photo.
  2. A signed certificate stating that the nominee agrees to the nomination and, if elected, to serve for the entire term.
  3. A signed statement of disclosure, statement of conduct, photo consent form, anti-harassments policy agreement which can be requested through the Credit Union.

This written request must be submitted with a minimum of 80 signatures of those members who endorse the candidate.

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