Yadira PinillaElected Candidate - OAS FCU eVoting

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“My name is Yadira Pinilla and I have been a member of OAS Staff Federal Credit Union since 1991. I have watched and experienced the growth. Like many members, over the years the help of the Credit Union has allowed me to buy homes, pay college tuition, and assist my children with having accounts of their own.”

I have directed large budgets and several departments at the OAS, as well as with its affiliates like the Young Americas Business Trust. With these experiences, I have learned the importance of ensuring sound and sustainable budgets and financing, and this is knowledge that I would bring to our board. As a community, we have grown and helped our Credit Union become the state-of-the-art financial institution it is today.

I have seen our credit union develop and modernize its services and products to better meet the needs of its members, including me.

I am asking for your vote to represent you in the Credit Union board as we continue the journey to serve the needs of our community.

Through your vote, I will continue to strengthen our credit union, improve its services, and promote the value of banking with a credit union.

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