“I hope to continue our work helping maneuver our credit union through what is hopefully the final phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to continue adding to the ease of making electronic transactions, while keeping costs low and maintaining competitive rates on savings.

I enjoy contributing my 18 years of credit union board experience and I’m always mindful of our members who live locally and outside of the U.S.”

I’m proud of my nearly 18 years as a credit union board member, first at National Geographic Federal Credit Union, where I served as Board President 9 years, through today at OAS FCU as Board Secretary.

My professional background includes more than 18 years at Nat Geo, working with digital video, coordinating with the magazine and social media, and working with global partners and freelancers.

Prior to that, I was a broadcast journalist, working in varied capacities -from TV reporter to news anchor, executive producer, and even television news director supervising more than 30 people-.

I have also taught journalism at 2 universities.

Currently, I am Director of Digital Strategy for the National Press Foundation, a non-profit, which provides training for journalists. NPF provides grants and sponsors fellowships, some of which are open to international reporters. Our webinars are open to a worldwide audience.

I have enjoyed serving on the credit union board with our wonderful group of volunteers and our great staff, and humbly ask for your vote.


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