“My experience as a member of the Credit Union as well as a volunteer for the ALCO Committee, along with my professional experience will allow me to contribute in expanding opportunities to other Credit Union Members.”

Francisco Rodriguez, a Venezuelan citizen, has been working at the GS/OAS Office of the Inspector General as an Auditor, performing internal audit for the different processes and Projects of the Organization. Before joining the GS/OAS, he worked as an Auditor at KPMG Venezuela for eight years.

He joined the GS/OAS in 2013 and holds a degree in Public Accounting from the Universidad Santa Maria in Caracas, Venezuela, a master’s in Management and Financial Control from EAE Business School in Madrid, Spain, a master’s in Business Intelligence from the University of Barcelona/Online Business School.

Francisco has been a member of the Credit Union’s Asset and Liabilities Committee since 2016.

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