Board of Directors

This year there are three (3) positions available for the Board of Directors (BOD) . The elected volunteer will serve for a three-year term. Please see the candidate’s biography.


605 Votes - ELECTED

"Participating as a volunteer is an honor and allows me to serve our members who are the heart of our credit union.  My collaboration is focused on helping us achieve a future that supports members, globally.  This includes being responsive to members concerns and needs and collaborating in finding solutions that are appropriate.  I will continue to utilize my management and organization development experience to strengthen our volunteer-base by providing training and volunteer leadership development.  I will strive to develop and improve outreach and services for persons in our member organizations (SEGs).

K.C. Soares has been an elected member of the OAS Federal Credit Union for over 20 years and is currently Chair of the Board and serves on the Community Relations and Membership Committee and the Human Capital Committee.  As Board Chair, she has actively participated in processes for the improvement of services provided by the OASFCU and the expansion of its members base.  These efforts include supporting our SEGs and members with the National Geographic organization, that recently became a part of our Credit Union.
She joined the OAS in 1979, working in the Social Affairs Department, subsequently the Rural and Urban Development Department.  She was selected to be the head of the OAS Center for Training and Development (1985-1996) and worked in the Fellowships Department until 1997.  She also served as an elected member of the OAS Staff Committee for several terms.
Since leaving the OAS, K.C. has worked internationally in her professional field.   Her work includes – strategic planning; organization analysis and evaluations, including national programs; income generating and microfinance programs/projects; innovation processes in organizations; social justice initiatives; and, is responsible for the Coaching and Mentoring section of the OpenIGO website. She combines her experience with her activities as a Board member to support modernization and collaboration amongst the members of the credit union. 
K.C. holds a Ph.D. and M.A., Business and Public Administration School, Cornell University; Scholar-in-Residence, Business, Vanderbilt University; M.S. in Education (honors) and B.S. in Business, University of Southern California.  She was a Visiting Scholar with the Polish Academy of Science and the USSR Academy of Science.  She received the “Volunteer of the Year, 2016” from the NAFCU-National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions.
K.C. also serves on the Board of Advisors, School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University and is the Founding President of IODA-International Organization Development Association.