Credit Committee

This year there are three (3) positions available for the Credit Committee; The two candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected to serve on the Credit Committee for a three-year term. The third candidate with the most votes will serve on the Credit Committee for a one-year interim termPlease see the candidate’s biography.

Jennifer Hoogdorp

“My experience and background in International Law, Legal Studies, International Organizations and Criminal Justice alongside a well‚Äźdeveloped skill set acquired through years of professional experience in a multilateral and multicultural environment which offered significant international experiences of negotiation and business expertise will enable me to contribute to the objectives of efficiently maximizing quality service to the Credit Union.”
Jennifer Hoogdorp, is a citizen of Suriname and joined the OAS in 2008 shortly after completing her undergraduate studies.  Prior to entering the OAS, Ms. Hoogdorp held various positions in private sector offices, insurance, communications including experience of interning at the Agriculture Bank of Suriname and volunteering in finance services.
Ms. Hoogdorp’s duties as an intern at the Agriculture Bank of Suriname included maintaining bank transaction logs, filing customer information, and making sure all bank financial records were accurate and up-to-date. In 2017, Ms. Hoogdorp was also nominated and elected to the Board of the Finance Committee at her church, where she serves as a Bookkeeper for the funds associated with church offerings and tithes among other things. Currently Ms. Hoogdorp works as a Consultant in the Department of Human Development, Education and Employment section of the OAS with main responsibilities for implementing the Scholarship and Training Programs in North America, the Caribbean and Permanent Observer Countries. The Programs include scholarship offers through the Partnerships Program for Education and Training.
Ms. Hoogdorp holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (LL.B) from the Anton De Kom University of Suriname, a Master’s of Laws degree (LL.M) from American University Washington College of Law and a second Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Ana G. Mendez University System accelerated dual language program. She also holds several professional certificates including Project Management Techniques and Human Rights for Open Society.
Lastly, as one of the relevant courses during my Criminal Justice Program included Administrative Law & Ethics, coupled with my extensive knowledge in the Finance Department, I believe my skills, training, expertise and experience will be a significant contribution to the Committee. Should I be considered for a candidacy on the Board/Committee, my performance will be demonstrated with integrity, competency, efficiency, discretion and moreover with confidentiality.