Board of Directors

This year there are three (3) positions available for the Board of Directors (BOD) . The elected volunteer will serve for a three-year term. Please see the candidate’s biography.


"My work experience as well as my academic background, enthusiasm, and perseverance have preparer me to bring new ideas that not only can positively contribute with the mission, vision and goals of the Credit Union but also propel me to aid with any challenges that may appear."
Aida Magaly Rothe, a Venezuelan citizen joined the OAS in 1993. Prior to entering the Organization, Mrs. Rothe worked in the oil industry for 7 years as Information Systems Analyst. Mrs. Rothe has been working in the OAS for the past 25 years, initially in the Department of Information Systems and Technology for 12 years and currently in the Department of Conference and Meetings Management.

Mrs. Rothe’S academic and work experiences set her on a career path that includes but is not limited to important projects in the areas of information technology and conferences. Her position has enabled her to perform project management activities that allowed her to organize, plan and improve critical processes efficiently using the financial and technology resources available. On the personal side, her main motivators are the excellence, innovation, efficiency, problem solving, high quality standards, commitment, and ethical actions.

Mrs Rothe holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering from the Simon Bolivar University (Venezuela), a Master's degree in Technology Management from George Mason University, and professional certifications as Chief Information Officer and Meeting Management.

Mrs. Rothe has been part of the Credit Union Board of Directors and chairman of the Technology Committee from 2006 to 2008. She was also a member of the Assets and Liabilities committee from 2007 to 2011. Currently she is member of the Credit Union Technology Committee since 2008.