Board of Directors

This year there are three (3) positions available for the Board of Directors (BOD) . The elected volunteer will serve for a three-year term. Please see the candidate’s biography.


“As a candidate for the OAS Credit Union Board, I am riven by a personal philosophy that holds serving people as central. Seeing the important role this particular Credit Union has played in the lives of its members, and in the community and the world at large, I have wanted to continue being part of that great enterprise. My many years volunteering with OASFCU have really been a rich and rewarding experience, as I’ve gotten a chance to see up close how the organization goes about creating significant impact – and I am impressed and encouraged to want to be part of that work, which I would execute with every commitment, passion, and integrity.”
A citizen of Jamaica, Ian Edwards has served the OAS for more than 26 years, currently as an English language translator-reviewer. He also served the OAS for some 12 years as media relations specialist, in a nearly 35-year professional career that has combined diplomacy, communication and media relations, and translation.
Ian is always motivated to seek opportunities to better understand his environment and the larger world, and is therefore a lifelong learner. His academic background includes mass communication, language & literature, international relations, and marketing.
Over the years, Ian has served several non-profit boards, including the OAS Credit Union’s, his church’s, as well as a number of Washington- and New York-based organizations.